Techno Info Solutions has a long-standing from 2005, Chennai based company with a National wide reputation not only for excellence in academic research and innovation which benefits society, but also for commercially-relevant research to assist companies in achieving market leadership. The research involves in the doctorate sectors too. Its goals are to enhance the user experience on computing devices, reduce the cost of writing and maintaining software, and invent novel computing technologies.Techno Info Solutions research also collaborates openly with colleges and universities worldwide to broadly advance the field of computer science. Techno Info Solutions is a very dynamic & proactive company which provides IT Solutions & Services leveraged with quality technology to Global clients. we delivers end-to-end enterprise and business time-bound solutions that best suits to industries.

Techno Info Solutions is a multi faceted organization specializing in providing products, services and solution provider to your enterprise business through our end-to-end solutions and professional services. Our solutions are focused in ERP and data warehousing. Our services are aimed at improving your business quality & performance by our professional approach. Our highly talented team of professionals and company mutually work with customer to create low- cost, high-value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to practice excellence in consulting and product development in engineering, business and web applications for a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with our customers. We want to provide outstanding communication services to our customers, our people and our business communities. To strive towards increased customer satisfaction in providing quality software services and products. If there is a solution that enriches clients business, we must find it. We partner with our customers and empower them with robust technical Services & contribute to their Success. We believe and practice openness, transparency and commitment.

Our Approach

We believe success in project is built on relationships that are founded on trust, clear lines of communication and coordinated action, supported by technology. It is your business and we believe in providing end-to-end solution, approach and tools to deliver inline with your objectives and project values while ensuring you retain control. As a result, we enjoy repeat business from satisfied clients who endorse our reputation as world-class in technical skills and project management by getting us to do what we do best - Deliver projects.

Team of Techno Info Solutions

Our Resource Team in India:
ERP support
Product development Team in JAVA , J2EE, and MSSQL Server
Online Project Support

ERP Support

ERP investment takes more than software. It takes TECHNO Consulting -- and the expertise and skill we've gained over the years. With a formidable team, deep domain and technical expertise, and innovative engagement models, TECHNO can provide the depth and breadth of coverage that your business demands.

Development Team

We enable your ERP system to "talk" to other ERP and non-ERP systems by leveraging off our strong experience in EAI/B2Bi. With expertise in ERP BAPIs, IDocs, DCOM Connectors, Business Connectors and .Net/J2EE web services, we are able to rapidly broker the connectivity to enable you to communicate with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Online Support

Our company provides support services to all customers who needs a one stop service provider for outsourcing the tasks of managing, monitoring as well as development work on their ERP systems . Depending on individual customer requirements, we can provide customized service level agreements to suit different production environment needs.


TECHNO INFO SOLUTIONS is looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about joining a fast growing IT services organization. If you are someone who is not afraid of challenges and looking for a great career path; TECHNO INFO SOLUTIONS is the right place for you. Our management believes in team spirit and empowerment. Every individual is treated with utmost respect and will have an opportunity to maximize their potential.